The Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplement Myths Exposed

The Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplement Myths Exposed

The world of bodybuilding is filled with myths about different exercise routines that will help you put on a crazy amount of mass, or supplements that will all but go to the gym for you. In the end, differentiating between the reality and the myths can help you prevent following paths that just aren’t going to get you anywhere and help you come up with a routine that really works in the long run, no matter what your fitness goals happen to be.

whey protein powderWhey Protein Will Make You Fat

One of the myths that has been circulating through the fitness industry for a few years now is that whey protein has the ability to make you put on weight. If you are using this supplement with a healthy workout routine, you have nothing to worry about, say the experts of;

Only eating an excessive amount of daily calories can make you gain fat. Eating a proper amount of daily protein will ensure maximum muscle gains.

Protein is one of the first sources of energy that your body turns to when you start working out, which means that it burns up fairly quickly. If you aren’t consuming enough protein, you’re making it more difficult for your body to put on muscle, and this could end up causing you to become very frustrated indeed.

You Don’t Need Any Supplements

Of course there are many professionals that have done well for themselves without using supplements, but this was about two or three decades ago, before supplements were really readily available. If you’ve had a few bad experiences with supplements in the past, you might be ready to throw in the towel, but the good news is that the right supplements can actually go a long way in helping you get results; it’s all about picking them correctly.

A Diet Can Replace Your Supplements

Many people think that if they eat a healthy diet, they don’t need supplements, but this could end up being a mistake. Firstly, people don’t get from their diet today what they would have gotten about fifty years ago because of poor soil quality, and even so, most people don’t actually know what their body needs on a daily basis. Instead of dealing with holes in your diet, it might be worthwhile investing in a quality supplement that will work for you based on your health, age and even the intensity of your training sessions.

One Supplement is the Same as Another

If you’re thinking that if you’ve seen one supplement, you’ve seen them all, you’re wrong. Supplements are not made equal, and this means that some have much more to offer than others.

In Time, Muscle Turns Into Fat

There are many people who excuse their lack of exercising because they believe that if they stop, everything will just turn into fat, but this is far from the truth. According to Will Brink, seeing someone who used to be built and now shows signs of middle age spread is simple to explain;

…what you have is often a loss of muscle and an increase in body fat due to lack of exercise coupled with excess calories.

Brink basically states that people who end up losing their muscle and gaining fat are just those who give up the physical facets of their daily routines and end up taking in too many calories.

By letting go of some of the basic myths that surround the bodybuilding industry, you have a better chance of identifying those theories that will help you get to where you want to go in your search for a healthier, more muscular frame.

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